Chocolate Beverages

I was at the vending machine in college today, and got both a “hot chocolate” and a “chocomilk” to compare. They were… pretty similar. They both were served hot. The hot chocolate was a shade darker, and had slightly more of an aroma of cocoa, but they tasted almost the same. Maybe one is suitable for lactose intolerance and one isn’t – I don’t know? A friend I was with thought that the chocomilk had more of a milky taste, but I was only half-sure I could detect this. There definitely wasn’t a more “creamy” texture to the chocomilk; both drinks had a certain viscosity to them, and a slight tendency to coat the tongue. The “chocolate” taste was a little dusty in both cases, and I found them both a little oversweet.

I don’t think I’ll be changing from my usual coffee.

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