The Other Supreme Buddha

I read this article yesterday, and I think it influenced the manifest content of my dreams last night. Also while I’m on the topic the “Stuff White People Like” blog, I feel like mentioning that it often cuts really close to the bone. It’s not fun to see how closely one fits a stereotype!

Anyway, I dreamt that the Buddha pulled up to my house in a blue car, just as another blue car was pulling out of my driveway. He resembled a statue of orange stone. I invited him in, and offered him anything he cared to eat out of my fridge. He didn’t find anything he cared for, though – most of the things were half-eaten – so he asked whether I had any paint (or possibly I offered him some paint). While I was looking, I asked the Buddha whether or not he was a vegan. He told me that the “real” Buddha was a vegan, but that he wasn’t, because he was only the Buddha for people who were just “into” Buddhism. At this point I noticed that he was dressed like a hippy, and had a scruffy beard and sunglasses. I felt a little sorry for him, although he did not seem unhappy.

I found some light blue paint, and some tent pegs, and gave these to the ersatz Buddha. I have a vague memory of him chugging the paint, but the dream is hazy at this point; just after this, I woke up.

My analysis so far indicates that the Buddha might be a representation of myself on my return from hospital. Also, if we merge the symbols of the cars and the paint (as they were the same colour), the fact that the Buddha came out of the car, but took the paint into himself, implies a confusion of the inside/outside relation.

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