First post!

This is my first half-assed attempt at blogging, inspired by catchthepigeon’s own first – albeit more full-assed – efforts. Dateline: The reception of St. Patrick’s Hospital. What’s going on? We – Michael, Ross, and I – are talking about that episode of the Simpsons where Marge is a guidance counsellor and Homer is Mister Sparkles, and the conversation drifts – inevitably – into the Simpsons’ recent decline.

Now a turn for the frightening has been taken! Ross and Michael are going to bring up my anxiety with their doctor (I believe he is known as Pat around these parts?), and I just know that this is going to end with crowds of mental health professionals literally shaking the anxiety out of me! Just… just grabbing me by the lapels and shaking, and yelling “calm down” into my face.

Oh, but in the time it took for me to write the above, conversation has drifted back to tv shows, via Vikings. All is once again well.

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  1. You’re docu-blogging! I made that term up. I appreciate the mention! Yeah a Simpsons talk always goes that way mainly to deal with one’s insecurity that the other person thinks they like the new Simpsons.
    Yeah we’ll have to get Pat and his friends to sort out that anxiety of yours, and then our anxiety please God.
    Can’t remember why we started on about Vikings. I did like the go on the swivel chair though

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